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We came to this realization while we working with a customer who wanted a custom made cannabis "humidor" to discretely store his weed and accessories.  He was looking for a hand made humidor, which is an airtight box lined with Spanish Cedar that cigar lovers typically use to store and season their cigars.   As soon as we handed it off he noticed that Spanish Cedar, while gorgeous, aromatic and wonderful with cigars is not a smell or flavour that you want in your cannabis. Secondly, creating an air tight humidor led to a couple of other unwanted problems.  Although...

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Hello, this is our first blog post that we are creating as we set up the website.  It seems like a good opportunity to tell you a little more about us. We are professional woodworkers who build custom furniture and cabinetry for a living.  Our favorite items are the truly unique custom creations that our customers can't find anywhere else. We are also life-long gamers.  We've been at it since the 80's and love all kinds of video games, board games, VR, arcades, billiards and movies. Recently a customer came into the shop who mentioned that he was looking at...

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