Dart Cabinet

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This hand made dart board cabinet will be the envy of your dart playing friends.

Constructed from your choice of maple, walnut or mahogany it can be made to fit into any decor.  We are also happy to make it in custom dimensions or from customized materials, just contact us for more information.

Dovetails at the corners of the cabinet ooze elegance and luxury. The interior has pull out drawers for all of your accessories, holders for your darts and a shelf for extra storage.  The interior of both doors are finished with chalkboard paint, which we have found easier on the tips of stray darts than actual chalk board.

Put it over the top with some custom laser engraving.  Whether you want to add a monogram, a small inscription or full on art work we can make it happen.  Add a note to your order with monogram or inscription details, remember to include font, size and location on the door panel.  Attach custom art in the order page.

Step up your dart game with this hand made classic!