What do you use to build your arcade cabinets?

We typically use MDF with a lacquer finish to build our cabinets.  Other options are available such as plywood and solid wood, but they can lead to issues with warping and expansion/contraction.

Does the system come with games?

No.  We do not's sell or include any software with our arcade products.  All games, ROMS and other software must be provided by you.  No exceptions, sorry.

Can I use part XYZ instead of the included parts?

Absolutely!  This is your cabinet after all, if you want to use Xbox controllers instead of arcade buttons go for it!  Want to use an old CRT monitor instead of a modern LCD, sounds awesome!  Simple additions and subtractions will be billed as such, customization that requires more labour on our end will also be billed accordingly. Contact us for a custom order and we will gladly make the required changes.